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What Is Epiphany?


Short Meditations



For Lent 2018, a reflection on each mid-week sermon was released by Rev. Rodney Serbus, Pastor of St. John Lutheran Church & Early Learning Center. Each will give the you an opportunity to contemplate the reality of your earthly journey, but with eyes always fixed on its destination—the empty tomb and the open gates of everlasting life—and with an underlying reality of joy as we hear proclaimed again that we do not walk this way alone!


Monday, Lent 1
Monday, Lent 2
Monday, Lent 3
Monday, Lent 4
Monday, Lent 5
Monday After Palm Sunday






 From the Second Table 

For Lent 2016, a reflection on each mid-week sermon was released by Rev. Rodney Serbus, Pastor of St. John Lutheran Church & Early Learning Center. The series theme was “From the Second Table" which examined the Law of God, specifically those commandments that deal most directly with how we treat other people. An audio-only version is available on our SJLC Radio Podcaster.  Links to the videos are below:

Introduction to the Second Table--Washed and Restored 
The Fifth Word--Clenched Tight
The Seventh, Ninth, and Tenth Word--Covet and Steal
 The Sixth Word--Dirty Little Word 
The Eighth Word--Circles & Whispers 
The Fourth Word--Word with Promise





For Advent 2015, a video series entitled "Short Meditations on the Lord's Prayer" was created. Rev. Rod Serbus, Pastor of St. John Lutheran Church & Early Learning Center, takes a few minutes to speak on each of the petitions, to pray over them, and to conclude with the Lord's Prayer in its entirety. The intent of the videos is to encourage everyone to make a conscious commitment to set aside time on a daily basis for personal spiritual reflection; the videos are not meant to be a thorough study of any petition. May your meditation on the Lord's Prayer continue to guide you in your prayer life and direct you to your Lord, Amen!

Introduction to the Lord's Prayer
First Petition
Second Petition
 Third Petition
 Fourth Petition

 Fifth Petition 

 Sixth Petition

 Seventh Petition








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